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NEXTG+ GPRS+ 3G+ GSM 3dB Gain Cellular 850~960MHz Omni Antenna: This enhanced antenna is for the UM595-3G, 3GUM 595-MMS, SG580M, SG580MB, UM535 Panda, Ltl Acorn and any other trail camera that uses a male SMA connector. It will replace the factory antenna and screw directly to the camera. This antenna has been designed to work with a full range of MMS/GSM/GPRS trail cameras where network signal is poor. The antenna system may also be limited by mobile network coverage in some remote areas. Simple to use and can be set-up in just seconds. FEATURES: Ground Independent Compact Size: 16cm long Weight: 80grams Factory Pre-tuned Bandwidth: NextG 3G GSM GPRS 850~960Mhz Impedance: 50 Ohms Max Power: 12 Watts Antenna Type: Omni Directional Mobile dB Gain: 3dB Plug Type: SMA male NEXTG+ GPRS+ 3G/4G+ GSM 5dB Gain Cellular 824~960MHz / 1710~2200MHz:
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FEATURES: Vertically polarized omni-directional antenna complete with mounting base & 2 metres of coaxial extension cable. Ideal for 3G Telstra Rural Security Cameras operating inside sheds & buildings where the standard stubby antenna is shielded by the metal structure. May assist in locations with poor reception. CHECKING TELSTRA SIGNAL STRENGTH Android- SETTINGS options - select ABOUT DEVICE - select STATUS - Signal Strength at your present location will be displayed dBm. (the power ratio in decibels of the radio power per one milliwatt). A signal of -60dBm is perfect, and -112dBm is very poor.
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 X-TRAIL 4GR Zero Glow
The 12MP X-TRAIL-4GR HD uses the 3G /4G network to deliver real time photos by sending them directly to your smart mobile phone when activated. As used by Police, Councils, Security and other law enforcement agencies. Supports basic 2-way SMS control and uses a Iphone/Android mobile app. Runs on just 12AA batteries & supports multi shot image bursts. NOW $495.00