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The X-Trail-3CW 12MP HD Time lapse camera system is a simple, highly cost effective way to enjoy the magic of time lapse photography. The system is fully programmable, with a timer schedule. Supports multi image delay from 1 MIN, 5 MIN, 10 MIN, 15 MIN, 30 MIN, 1 HOUR, 2 HOUR, 3 HOUR or 8 HOURS. Create simple 1080p videos of your projects or events and post them on you-tube or your company website. The 12MP 100 Degree Wide-Angle Time Lapse System Includes: 1 x 12MP 100 degree Wide Angle Time Lapse camera complete with mounting bracket and strap. 1 x External SLA solar battery kit complete with mounting bracket. 1 x 32GB SD cards. Over 20,000 images per 32GB SD card. 1 x Lockable security box with heavy duty swivel bracket for easy aim and fixed mounting. 1 x Licensed version of Simple to use Time Lapse Software to create your time lapse videos with sound. Note: cable lock is no longer included. PRICES INC 10% GST
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The X-Trail 3CW 12MP HD Time Lapse Camera system can cover just about twice the area than a normal camera. Now with a wide 100 degree field of view you can create simple and cost effective time lapse images of your projects. The X-Trail-3CW 12MP HD camera system will create high definition colour day time photographs. This “point and shoot” time lapse camera system is loaded with features, and simple to use, making it another great the tool for anyone wanting to document construction sites, main events, functions, or other time lapse project. You control what time of day the camera will be active and how often it will take a photo. Use short intervals for fast changing projects or longer intervals for longer projects such as construction sites, mining or major projects. Once the system is set-up, it will run for months or yearlong depending on the interval.  The system uses a external solar battery kit that has a rechargeable SLA battery within. Each camera can also hold up to 8AA batteries that acts as a battery back-up for the external battery kit. No need to worry about dead or flat batteries if your project goes overtime as you can check the battery levels at any time just by opening up the lock box when checking the cameras footage and when your project is complete, it can also double as a low glow Infra-red motion activated security camera system giving you the best of both worlds. So don’t just settle for “before and after” shots when you can watch an entire event, unfold in living colour. See home improvements or construction site projects come to life before your eyes. Create mesmerising 1080p video of your projects or special events and offer your clients a High Definition time lapse video of their project or event.  Get the winning edge over your competitors and order your Time Lapse Wide-Angle Kit today.
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The 12MP UV595 HD is a long range No-Glow Black Flash IR camera. Designed for better security and covert operations. When it comes to 940Nm LED distance this little beauty just blows them away. NOW $335.00