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X-TRAIL 4GW 24MP HD 100 Degree Wide-Angle Construction Kit - Solar Backup

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The X-Trail 4GW 24MP wide angle Time Lapse Camera kit was designed with a 100 degree FOV lens with remote verification.



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The X-Trail 4GW 24MP wide angle Time Lapse Camera kit was designed with a 100 degree FOV lens with remote verification in mind.  Now you can create time lapse images of your projects while receiving daily images directly on your smart mobile phone or selected email address.

If you don’t wish to receive images on your mobile device or via Emails we do offer a remote web portal service for as little as $8.00 per month. This is another great way to monitor your project using your mobile device or PC at your own leisure. You control what time of day the camera is active and how often it takes a photo.

Use short intervals for fast changing projects or longer intervals for longer projects such as construction sites, mining or major projects.  Remotely control your camera via our user friendly Iphone / Android app. This “point and shoot” time lapse camera system is loaded with features, and simple to use, making it another great device for anyone wanting to document daytime construction sites, water troughs, main events, functions, or other time lapse project.

Once the camera system is set-up, it will run for months. or yearlong depending on the interval as each solar battery kit has a built in SLA rechargeable battery for long out in the field life. 
Note: If using SMTP email you have the choice of using the default manufacture's overseas SMTP mail sever that has a limit of around 40 images per day or you can change this option and set it to manual settings and add your own free SMTP mail server.

Please Note this system requires a Telstra 4G SIM card and functions maybe limited by mobile network coverage in some areas.

Battery enclosures may also change without notice The X-Trail 4GW 24MP Time lapse camera system is a simple, highly cost effective way to enjoy the magic of time lapse photography. The system is fully programmable, with a timer schedule.

Supports multi image delay from 10 MIN, 15 MIN, 30 MIN, 1 HOUR, 2 HOUR, 3 HOUR or 8 HRS.

Create simple 1080p videos of your projects or events and post them on you-tube or your company website. You can even control your system via a ANDROID or IPHONE mobile app.  To view our optional web portal options click here.

The X-Trail 4GW 12MP Wide-Angle Time Lapse System Includes:  

1 x 24MP Time Lapse camera complete with mounting bracket and strap.
1 x External SLA solar battery kit complete with mounting bracket.
1 x 32GB SD cards for easy swap out “no down time”.
1 x Lockable security box with heavy duty swivel bracket for easy aim and fixed mounting.
1 x Licensed version of windows based SA Time Lapse Software to create your time lapse videos with sound.

Requires a full size SIM card (not included)


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X-TRAIL 4GR-4GW User Manual

Download (6.64MB)

X-Trail 4G Windows PC Software

Download (107.97KB)
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