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X7D Buckeye Cam Medium Range Wireless Camera

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The X7D Buckeye CAM is a Medium Range Wireless Camera. The infrared flash is invisible to the human eye.



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X7D Wireless Cameras use a 5 Megapixel image sensor. If there is enough available light, the camera will take a color picture (or video). If there is not enough available light, a black and white infrared picture (or video) will be taken. The infrared flash is invisible to the human eye. Power is supplied to the camera from an external battery pack. The battery pack contains a 12V sealed lead-acid type battery. (Battery not included).

A bracket and spring buckle strap attach to the back of the enclosures to allow for easy mounting. The 12V SLA battery pack may be placed on the ground or behind the tree. This typically makes it easier to conceal in weeds or bushes. The camera and battery pack are housed in weatherproof enclosures for reliable outdoor operation. The standard colour is matte black.

When a camera detects motion, a picture or video is immediately taken and transmitted to a base receiver. Several different base options are available. Pictures and videos may be viewed on a personal computer, smartphone or mobile device by using the X-Series Network Manager software application.

Optional solar panel kits are available to extend battery life indefinitely. The cameras can be up to one kilometre (line of sight) from the base when using a high gain base antenna or further by repeating through other cameras.

The X7D wireless camera has a Built in "Repeater" feature that allows you to jump from camera to camera to extend your overall transmission range. The X7D cameras can also be easily used as a "base" for multiple X7D cameras (all pictures come back to that camera and are stored on an SD card) or you can choose the PC Base to control up to 254 X7D cameras remotely from your MAC or Windows PC.

Free Wireless Transmission

1 kilometre Distance (further with upgrade antennas)
Receive images on phone or computer
Rugged, Invisible, Silent, Fast
Optional Solar Power Kits

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X Series Wireless System User Manual

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1 Reviews

X7D Wireless Camera
I have been running the X7D system with two cameras for about 6 months now and they have taken thousands of pics each and they never miss a beat. I have to admit that it is nice to just have the cameras there and always work, never have to check memory cards, never have to change batteries, and only have to drive there if i want to go hunting.

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